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Dog Grooming Cork

Four Paws Dog Grooming provide the best standard of dog grooming service available. Based in Cork we offer exceptional Dog Grooming and Daycare facilities.


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Grooming Dogs in Cork since 2014

Since opening in Oct 2012 Four Paws Dog Grooming has gone from strength to strength. Our professional, experienced staff are aware that your dog is an essential part of your family. Dogs groomed or looked after in Daycare are the prime importance to the staff. A strict “NO STRESS” policy is extremely important in ensuring that all our dogs enjoy their visit to Four Paws Dog Grooming.

We’re extremely conscious of dogs are sensitive and occasionally nervous in a new environment. To make sure that all dogs enjoy the grooming process we’ve implemented a strict no stress policy which means that each dog gets as many breaks during grooming that is required to keep him/her calm. 

Dog Groomers Cork

Our groomers understand that water breaks or basic walk around breaks are very important in ensuring that the dogs in our care enjoy the experience. This care, together with the high standards of grooming which are now synonymous with Four Paws Dog Grooming, guarantee a happy dog and an equally happy owner. This can be seen time and time again by our customers informing us that their dog love their return visits

What is Doggie Daycare we hear you say?

Time spent in daycare increases your dogs self-confidence, and helps to alleviate anxiety, boredom, and depression that can occur when left alone for very long periods of time. Daycare allows your dog drop the extra pounds, and helps your unsocialised dog to make lots of new friends.

Each new daycare dog is assessed over one full day to determine the suitability of the dog to our daycare program.

Our Daycare enables your dog to run and play with their other dogs off leash, whilst in a safe, secure, clean, fully supervised environment. At the end of the day, you are reunited with a tired, happy dog who will thank you with a wagging tail, and cover you with kisses, hoping you’ll bring them back to Four Paws Dog Grooming & Dog Daycare real soon! All our staff are properly accredited and proficient in dog handling and will become familiar with your dog like their own.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Four Paws were excellent. They put my dog at ease from the first minute. Great experience.