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Adopt a dog Ireland

Adopting a DOG

Owning a dog is a a very rewarding experience however owning a rescue dog is often even an even more rewarding experience, this is because you get to watch them come out of themselves and start to discover and learn about you and your loved ones. 

MakING a Donation

This site is run by volunteers and as such, we depend on the support and generosity of the community. We are thankful for whatever you can do to support us to rehome rescue dogs in Ireland. Please help by donating. Every  little bit helps.

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DOG RescuE Ireland

Would you like to adopt a dog in Ireland?  Dogs are found and given up for adoption on a daily basis. This means that if you cannot find your perfect match he/she may be waiting for you tomorrow.     

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The normal time period between going to a Rehoming Centre and taking your new dog back home is on average just eight days. However, every situation differs for those who decide to rehome a dog.


There are times when your beloved dog just can’t travel with you. In times like these, you can rely on our qualified professionals to keep your pooch well looked after at one of our approved dog kennels.


What dog does not like a soothing bubble bath? Well.. the majority of them to be honest. We have qualified Dog Groomers waiting to help. Give your dog a tidy new haircut to freshen up his/her look.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our mission is always to help bring about the moment when a rescue dog gets introduced to his/her new family. We want all dogs to can live a completely happy life, devoid of the danger of needless destruction. 


Dog Rescue Ireland


Featured Locations

Four Paws animal rescue Dublin

Are you looking to adopt a dog in Dublin? Then we can help. At Four Paws we specialize in dog rehoming in Dublin.  From the moment you like a dog, it is saved for you to come back and visit at any time with an option to Share with your friends.

Animal Rescue Cork

If you feel you may want to foster a dog in Cork then please have a look through all the available dogs We currently have over 200 dogs looking for new homes in Cork. Some of these dogs have come from the stray and other are looking to be re-homed from their own homes.