Kevin is a total gentleman, he’s such a quiet boy he is very good with other large dogs, but is best with females. He is excellent on the lead. Kevin loves nothing more than relaxing in bed after a good run in the field. PAWS Adoption Policy: 1. Our dogs are rehomed as indoor pets[…]


Stanley has such a fun character! He loves people especially if the give him belly rubs. Stanley is good with large female dogs. He loves to play and do laps of the garden, He is always full of fun and you can’t help but smile when you see him. He can be strong on the[…]


Ramsey can be a bit nervous of new people but once you take him for a walk he is happy to come and greet you. Ramsey is good with large female dogs, He has been around male dogs but can sometimes get too dominant with them. Ramsey is young and full of energy and will[…]


Buddy is a sensitive boy and not suited to kennel life, He is very worried and finds it hard to relax and make a connection with anyone, Buddy will need a nice calm home where he can learn that not all people are bad. We are looking for a home with no other dogs for[…]


Rose is an older lady, She is excellent with other dogs. As you can imagine she loves her bed but don’t let that fool you she also loves getting out for her walks. Rose has some damage done to her ears from her previous life but they don’t bother her at all. PAWS Adoption Policy:[…]


Rock is excellent with other dogs, Much more confident when he has dog buddy around. when he is on his own he is very shy and needs very gentle handling to reassure him that nothing bad will happen. We are looking for an experienced home with another dog to help rock regain his confidence PAWS[…]


Scoby is very good and patient with other dogs. Scoby is an older guy who is starting to slow down now he enjoys lazing in bed but will still happily play with his younger kennel mate. He is very affectionate and easy going boy. PAWS Adoption Policy: 1. Our dogs are rehomed as indoor pets[…]


Hank Is such a funny guy! He loves to play ball. He is still a pup in his head and still jumps on you when he gets excited. Hank loves everyone he meets, He is always happy to see new people. Hank is great with big or small dogs, he can be a bit dominant[…]


Tilly is a very calm sweet girl. She loves people is very gentle with everyone. Tilly is looking for a home where she will be the only dog as she can get jealous of other dogs in her home. Outside of the home she is happy to walk with other dogs and socializes well with[…]


so typical of the breed she is a whole heap of fun and love…. Ideally a home with no small children as Moose is quite active and excitable at times and may knock toddlers over… She is a sweet girl who would live happily with another dog,preferably a placid male.. Moose will need someone who[…]